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The Law Offices of Norton Tooby provides free, reliable information for the benefit of the public. Read our approved resources below to learn more about your case and understand as much as possible about the legal process.

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Tooby’s Guide summarizes, in clear and concise terms, what criminal and immigration counsel need to do together in the defense of the criminal case, to protect the client’s immigration status.  This book is a summary of the main points covered in N. Tooby & J. Rollin, Criminal Defense of Immigrants (4th ed. 2007), the 2000-page comprehensive practice guide, and contains many cross-references for more information. 

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Case Capsule Database


Our website contains the world's largest well-organized collection of information on crime-related grounds of removal: all deportation grounds and grounds of inadmissibility related to crimes, what qualifies, and what doesn't, and what relief is available from removal for each. Our extensive collection of practice manuals totals about 8000 pages of text and detailed footnotes, and we have summarized all reported judicial decisions from 2001 to the present, which are keyed to each section of each book.  You can search this extensive knowledge base by key words and subject matter. Search for content now.

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The Three Reasons to Protect The Client’s Immigration Status While Defending The Criminal Case


Intake Form

This form contains the information an immigration expert needs to diagnose the immigration damage a criminal case is causing, and prescribe an immigration-safe plea or post-conviction relief to avoid it. To obtain a consultation with our office, you must complete an Intake Form and send it in with the documentation listed. Attorneys and organizations are granted permission to copy the form and adapt it to their own needs.

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