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Initial Review

Have an attorney examine your case.

Our intake process is as follows:

1. Before we can schedule an appointment, we need to review your case to make sure we are the best firm to help you with your particular situation. Please fill out a confidential intake form which provides the information necessary for us determine if we are likely to be able to find a solution for you. The cost for this first review is $250 and can be paid here.

2. Once we have reviewed your information, if we determine your case is not a good one for us to help with, we will do our best to direct you to someone who is better able to help.

3. If we think we are the best firm to help you, we will contact you to make an appointment for a consultation with us. This consultation is when we will create a plan and strategy designed to maximize the chances of success for your particular case. Consultations can be done in person at our office or over the phone.

We cannot accept every case and you are not our client unless we tell you that your case has been accepted for a consultation.

Legal Representation
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