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Because this area of law is so complex, checklists are indispensable. We have gathered a number of checklists here to help identify the immigration consequences of criminal convictions.  


We have updated all of these checklists and published them along with many others  in one convenient softcover volume.  N. Tooby & J. Rollin, Tooby’s Checklists on Criminal Immigration Law (2010).

Categorical Analysis

How to tell what type of analysis is used for each conviction-based ground of deportation and inadmissibility after Nijhawan


Federal Deportable Convictions

All federal statutes that trigger a conviction-based ground of deportation where a defendant has suffered a conviction of that statute


Crime-Related Grounds of Inadmissibility


Aggravated Felonies

Alphabetical Quick Checklist


Federal Drug Offenses

All federal controlled substances offenses


Federal Aggravated Felony Firearms Offenses

All federal firearms statutes listed in the aggravated felony definition


Evolution of the Aggravated Felony Statute

All amendments to the aggravated felony definition, and the legislation enacting them, with their effective dates

Non-Substantive Offenses

All INA references to attempt, conspiracy, solicitation, and other inchoate offenses


Post-Conviction Case Evaluation

Checklist of factors to consider in determining the chances of success in obtaining post-conviction relief

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